Direct Drive Motoring Tuition - Terms & Conditions

  1. A fee will be charged if the student is unable to pay for a lesson on the day the lesson takes place.
  2. Two working days (48 hours) notice by text or phone must be given to the instructor to cancel a lesson. Failure to provide such notice will result in the student being charged the full price of any lessons missed. If there are further cancelations without the required notice being given, all lessons booked in will be removed from the instructors' diary and payment will be required before any future lessons are booked.
  3. Direct Drive Motoring Tuition reserves the right to prevent a student from using an instructors  car if, in the opinion of the instructor, the student is not ready or able to control the vehicle safely in a built-up area.
  4. Direct Drive Motoring Tuition is not responsible for driving tests canceled by the DVSA. Instructors will therefore expect payment for any hours booked. Such payments will be refunded to the student by the DVSA.
  5. Direct Drive Motoring Tuition recommends that the instructor collects the student at least one hour before the test for a practice lesson.
  6. The test fee is payable to the instructor and covers the use of the car for the duration of the test, car insurance, an hour of pre-test practice and dropping the pupil back home. The total time is about three hours.
  7. Direct Drive Motoring Tuition accepts payment by cash, credit/debit card or by bank transfer.
  8. Direct Drive reserves the right to offer a full refund. Payments for unused block bookings will be held for a maximum of three months from the date of the last lesson. If the remaining hours are not used or the instructor is not contacted within that time, these hours will be deemed as spent and no refund will be given. Refunds are subject to a 5% admin fee and will be by bank transfer only.
  9. If a student decides to pay for lessons individually rather than as a block, payment must be made in advance.
  10. If you have booked a two or three hour lesson with the instructor but can only commit to a hour for whatever reason, you will be charged for the additional hour(s). These hours will be added to the Pass Plus course which can be taken after a successful driving test.
  11. Please pay the instructor at the beginning of the lesson. If you require the use of a cash point machine you must inform your instructor at the beginning of the lesson.
  12. The lesson will begin as soon as the instructor arrives.
  13. Students who wish to be dropped off at a location other than their home address should note that the instructor may need to finish the lesson slightly earlier to get to the next lesson on time.
  14. Students who are unable to pay for any lessons on the day should inform the instructor as soon as possible.
  15. All block bookings must be paid for in full, otherwise you will be asked to pay for each lesson separately and charged at the normal hourly rate.
  16. All payments for the Intensive courses must be paid in advance and cleared, before Direct Drive book a test for the candidate.
  17. Once the test is booked a refund cannot be given unless 5 working days notice is received via text message or email.
  18. Candidates must have an additional 10 hours of driving lessons before booking a re test following an intensive course.
  19. Intensive courses are subject to availability and test centre location.
  20. The cost of the driving test is £62 payable to the DVSA and is not part of the intensive package. This also applies to the theory test charge of £23.
  21. All parties involved are bound by a verbal agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, we kindly ask you not to re-book a driving lesson with the instructor or the driving school.
  22. All gift vouchers must be used within three months.
  23. Lessons paid for in advance must taken within three months of payment.

Students are asked to abide by the above terms and conditions, as failure to do so could lead to the termination of the agreement with Direct Drive Motoring Tuition.

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